Building Up Minority Led & Focussed
Affordable Housing Developers


2017 National Minority Affordable Home Builders Summit Sheraton Sand Key Resort, Florida (October 11-12,2017)

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National Minority Affordable
Home Builders Coalition

Primary Goals of NMAHBC:
Development of Minority Affordable Housing Developers
(Minority Led / Focused Non Profits & for Profit Minority Builders)
Leveraging Housing Development Intellectual Bandwidth Scale of Economies (Decreasing Housing Construction Cost/Increase Profit) Leveraging Access To Affordable Housing Construction Capital

The primary mission of NMAHMC is the development of Minority Led & Focused Non-Profit and Minority For Profit Affordable Housing Developers Using Market Based Models And Practices That Are Not Dependent on Government Funding. This Will Lead To Increased Affordable Housing Construction And Home Values In Predominate Minority Low-Moderate Income Neighborhoods.

Building Purchasing Programs State & City Builders Coalitions Affordable Housing Development Resources

Fighting Poverty ~ Creating Jobs ~ Creating Wealth

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Trent Cotney Construction Law Group Presents How To Protect Your Housing Assets & Develop Construction Contracts. NMAHBC Recommends Using A Construction Focused Law Firm Like Trent Cotney Construction Law Group That Only Practices Construction Law

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NMAHBC members gain first look access to foreclosures to produce profit and affordable housing.

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